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Curriculum Vitae

The entirety of my professional experience.

Morgan Blair, MA, LPC, NCC
Denver, Colorado


The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
August 2017

Bachelor of Fine Arts 
Emphasis in Creative Writing and Art Therapy

Northwestern University
December 2020

Master of Arts
Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Work History

Owner, Unpolished Journey
January 2016 - Present

I am the owner of Unpolished Journey. Unpolished Journey is an organization that offers mental health counseling in addition to advocacy and prevention for those struggling with eating disorders. In this role, I conduct individual counseling sessions, write articles, participate in trainings, and give presentations.

Writer, Self-Employed
August 2015 - Present

I have worked as both a content writer and copywriter for various organizations including Project Heal, Beating Eating Disorders, Road to Growth Counseling, Better Humans, and others.

Painter, Self-Employed
August 2015 - Present

I paint commissioned large-scale abstract works.

Mental Health Counselor, Mile High Mental Health
December 2020 - March 2022

I worked as an individual counselor at a group practice in the Denver area. I treated individuals struggling with eating disorders, LGBTQ+ concerns, and trauma.

Mental Health Counselor, Road to Growth
June 2019 - December 2020

I worked as an individual mental health counselor at a group practice in the Denver area. In addition to treating individual clients, I also managed the social media accounts and wrote articles for the practice.


Psychology Today
Contributing Writer

I am a contributing writer for Psychology Today's website. I write articles on eating disorder recovery in the neurodivergent and gender-expansive populations.

Better Humans
Contributing writer

I write blog posts about self-improvement and mental health for Better Humans publication.

Contributing Writer

I write blog posts for Illumination's publication on various topics including mental health, counseling, psychology, self-improvement, and self-care.

The Orange Journal
Contributing writer

I write blog posts about personal experiences relating to mental health, recovery, and self-improvement for The Orange Journal.

Project Heal
Contributing writer

I write blog posts about both my eating disorder recovery and treating clients who are recovering from eating disorders.

Beating Eating Disorders
Contributing writer (2016-2017)

I wrote blog posts for the organization for one year. I wrote on topics pertaining to eating disorder recovery and treatment approaches.



November Volume 2022


Twenty Bellows
Summer Volume 2022

Mom is a Bear

My Body, My Words
Big Table Publishing Company, 2018


Runestone Literary Journal
Volume Three, 2016


Stigma Fighters
Osiris Ink, 2016



Unpolished Journey
December 2019

Unpolished Journey - an uncensored look at recovery from an eating disorder and PTSD is a collection of short stories, poems, prose, and journal entries documenting my recovery journey.


Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate

December 2020

Nationally Certified Counselor

May 2022

Registered Yoga Teacher

August 2018

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